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we support the creativity of pupils / students in primary and secondary schools, e.g. in the form of creative and critical thinking courses and competitions


to work with pupils / students in primary and secondary schools, to lead hobby clubs and interactive lectures in the field of natural, technical and social sciences


 to organize workshops, conferences, trainings, summer schools and exhibitions with interdisciplinary focus 


štraining and consultancy in global project education


organization of scientific camps


support for pupils and students in their search for internships and professional experience

Our Events

Our events aim to bring children to science.

Find a scientist in yourself IV.


The "Find a Scientist in yourself" action continues in 2020. Pavel Marcely's elementary school students will visit the SAS institutes according to the following timetable:

Summer school of young scientists with the support of the ESET Foundation


From 15 to 19 July 2019, the civic association All4Science, o.z. prepare the School of young scientists for the first time at the SAS. Selected Institutes of SAS are invited to cooperate in this event. The Summer School is organized with the support of the ESET Foundation.

The Summer School of Young Scientists is a weekly gathering that aims to bring natural and technical sciences closer to the younger grades of elementary schools and eight-year grammar schools. The aim of the summer school is to enable selected talented elementary school pupils to gain new experience and contacts in the field of chemistry, biology and physics through experiential education led by experts - scientists, directly at selected institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

The summer school is intended for pupils of the 5th - 9th year of elementary schools and for students of prima - kvarta of 8-years grammar schools.

If you belong to this group of students, would you like to experience the real work of scientists firsthand or have already thought about your own research project. 

This summer school is just for you!

Further information (in Slovak language only) --> HERE

If you are interested in participating please log in using the form: FORM (only in Slovak language)

Summer science camp full of experience


We are preparing a summer science camp, from 22 to 26 July 2019 for children aged 7 to 12 years. Candidates for the camp, please send the completed and signed application form, general terms and conditions and its attachments to the All4Science civic association, o.z .: all4science1@gmail.com, or via the contact form all4science.sk/kontakt/


In the case of other questions, please, contact us: all4science1@gmail.com 

Offer for volunteers - July 2019


We offer you the opportunity to spend useful time during the summer.

We are looking for volunteers to a summer science camp and a summer school for young scientists. The offer is dedicated for students of secondary schools, universities, but also those who are interested in working with children and at the same time learn something themselves.

More info (in Slovak language only) -->HERE

As students from primary school of Pavol Marcely were looking for scientists in themselves directly in largest scientific Institution in Slovakia


At the beginning of April 2019, under the baton of the All4Science civic association, a popular educational event called "Find a Scientist in Yourself" was held at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, aimed at schoolchildren of the fifth to eighth year at the primary school of Pavol Marcely at Drieňová 16 from Bratislava. The institutes of SAS that participated in the 3rd year of the event are the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, Polymer Institute, the Institute of Experimental Medicine in cooperation with the Working Group of Experimental Cardiology, Slovak Society of Cardiology (SKS), Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Center of Social and psychological sciences SAS.

More information ... HERE


Children will become true scientists for a day. 

Bring pupils to science and gain their interest in this discipline - this is the goal of the project of the institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences - Find scientists in you. In April, students of the 5th - 8th year of the Pavel Marcely Elementary School in Bratislava will participate in the third year of the project aimed at popularizing science. The "ordinary day" in the school desk will thus be exchanged for a unique experience full of new discoveries and knowledge, which will complement them with the curriculum of selected subjects.

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, Polymer Institute, Institutes of Center of Experimental Medicine in cooperation with the Working Group of Experimental Cardiology, Slovak Society of Cardiology (SKS), Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Center of Social and Psychological Sciences will join the project in 2019. As in previous years, the organizers also aimed at linking the knowledge that children gain in their classes with real life and research available in selected laboratories of the SAS. Schoolchildren will visit individual workplaces so that the content is directly linked to the curriculum taken in the current year from chemistry, biology, physics and technical education. In this way, scientists should be awakened for at least a moment, and the experience should inspire them to work creatively during primary school. It is important that during the visit pupils realize and experience that science is essential to life and may become scientists in the future. The main aim of the organizers is to attract the youngest schoolchildren to science, and perhaps some of them may decide to move on to an interesting and exciting journey of scientists and try to improve the world around us in adulthood.

As in the second year, in third year, at the end of the project, the pupils will fill in a specially prepared questionnaire, which the organizers want to find out the scientific literacy of children and their ability to apply the knowledge into practice. The ambition is to compare the children who were at the event with their peers who did not attend. It is interesting to note that children in the second stage of primary school are able to "think like scientists" if they are adequately led to do so. Scientific literacy is an important competence in helping to navigate the increasing amount of information of varying quality to which we are exposed in the world today.

Science spring camp 2019

(25.2. - 1.3.2019)

What is science? Is it interesting and necessary for life? What does science offer us? All these questions could be answered by the graduates of the first year of the spring camp organized by All4Science o. z. in cooperation with several Institutes of SAS.

During the five, still cold, days of spring holidays in the Bratislava region, 14 curious children from Bratislava and its surroundings enjoyed the secrets of science firsthand and became involved in real scientists. Initially, they became acquainted with the need for scientific knowledge, the principles of science, the compilation and validation of a hypothesis to confront this with experimentally acquired data at a conference organized on the last day of the camp in the presence of parents. Several groups, as well as individuals have designed experiments themselves. how to present magnetism, whether and how long the plant can last without air, what is the melting temperature of gallium, how and in what time it is possible to dissolve rubber teddy bears in various solutions, whether it is possible to inflate the balloon only using PET bottle, ice, warm water and freezer, also why ice melts in in winter on roads below zero and whether it is possible to construct a magnetic tube to carry things.

In addition to their own mini-projects, the children did various physical activities in the open air and performed entertaining experiments, recognizing the basic patterns of chemistry, physics and biology. It was interesting to note that the lemon is conductor and that it can be used to turn on the bulb, that the water itself does not conduct electricity, but after adding ordinary cooking salt, yes. They learned what pH is and what is pH of lemon juice, soda or a mixture of them. They also found out how the Dead Sea works and why it is possible to swim in it and that it is very easy to make a "artificial slime" right at home in the kitchen.

During the camp, the graduates also visited the Aurelium Science Center, where they replaced theory with experience, and where they could test how it works in practice. Archimedes' screw, how to light a bulb just by touching the hands of uneven metals, how to visualize the heat and how the electric motor works, which is the lever and hydraulics, and learned many other laws.

Children also visited some institutes of the SAS during the spring camp, where they learned under the professional guidance of the staff of the IMMM SAS what materials the individual euro coins consist of, as it is possible to see the microworld not only metals but also plants and animals used in chemical material research. it is microhardness and how the surface for metallographic observation of materials can be perfectly polished. At the Institute of Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology of the SAS, they met Freddie and Mercury rats, learned how much sugar was found in  commercially available beverages, saw what a cell looked like, and most appealing was the appearance of liquid nitrogen with ice. At the Institute of Polymers of SAS, the children learned what polymers are and what they actually mean for us. They have learned to prove the presence of starch in foods, e.g. in cooked rice, corn starch or in pudding, they have prepared polymer capsules that could serve to deliver the drug to the human body and also become familiar with "heat-sensitive" polymers that are transparent in winter and soften in the heat.

Participants - young promising scientists have also practiced how to manage a crisis situation that is literally a bare life. They experienced a training evacuation of the building. They handled the situation brilliantly and commended the commander fully deserved.

The whole spring camp had a ceremony, where the graduates presented directly to the director of the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics of the SAS their inventions and plans for the future, they received a certificate of completion of the camp.

We firmly believe that children have gained valuable knowledge from us, which they will use later in school or in their professional lives.

Nosko, Šišková, Zahoranová

We prepare science spring camp:

From 25 February to 1 March 2019 we organize a spring day camp for children aged 7 to 12 years. Candidates for the camp, please send the completed and signed application form, general terms and conditions and its attachments to the email address of the civic association All4Science, o.z.: all4science1@gmail.com 

For download: APPLICATION for spring camp (only in Slovak language)

For download: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (only in Slovak language)

Pre záväzné prihlásenie dieťaťa na jarný denný tábor je potrebné vyplniť nielen prihlášku, ale aj podpísať všeobecné zmluvné podmienky, vyplniť prílohy k všeobecným zmluvným podmienkam a všetko zaslať na adresu občianského združenia All4Science, o.z.

Find a scientists in yourself 2018

"Find a scientist in yourself" is a project that was attended by pupils from Pavol Marcely's primary school from the 5th to the 8th year and the Institutions of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). At the SAS, pupils could try what it is like to be a scientist.

Summer club in INSPIRO

During the summer holidays, children in the daily camp in Inspiro - Leisure Park in Ivanka pri Dunaji could try experiments from the workshop of All4Science, o.z.



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