We are looking for volunteers to a summer science camp and a summer school for young scientists. The offer is dedicated for students of secondary schools, universities, but also for those who are interested in working with children and at the same time to learn something new.

We offer you the opportunity to spend useful time during the summer.

Skills you can acquire: communication, teamwork, creativity, personal development but also communication in a foreign language. At the same time, you can get with children new knowledge from chemistry, physics, biology and to take part in many trips around Bratislava.

Field of activity:

  • Assistance in simple experiments 
  • Accompaniment of children for lunch respectively. to the place of the program (individual institutes of SAS, ZOO, castle, creative workshops), 
  • Support during activities and events,
  • Animation - quizzes, games, creative workshops

Dates of camps:

Summer School of Young Scientists (age of children: 11-16 years, or 2 elementary school): The term will be available soon

Summer Day Camp (ages 7-12 years): The term will be available soon

Venue: Pavilion of Materials Science, Dúbravská cesta 9, 845 13 Bratislavská Patrónka

Fo further information please contact us: all4science@all4science.sk, or by means of form: all4science.sk/kontakt/