Eliška Číková

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A scientist is a person who is almost convinced of something

                                            Jules Renard

Veronika Trembošová

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"Let's look for a way for teachers to teach less and for pupils to understand more.

                                               Jan Amos Komenský

Anna Zahoranová

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"like to do things I know nothing about. Therefore, after completing my study of Biomedical Physics at FMFI UK, I started my doctorate at the Institute of Polymers of SAS. I have been working at this institute until now, currently as a postdoc. I prepare poly (2-oxazoline) hydrogels and nanoparticles, but you can often meet me at the Researchers' Night, the Open Days or the Find a Scientist in You. Just look for a table around which is the biggest mess.


Marta Šoltésová Prnová

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"Nothing in life is to be feared, everything just needs to be understood." 

                          Marie Curie-Skłodowská

Viliam Pavlík

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"Do you remember the wonderful feeling of mixing all the spices in your mother's kitchen as a kid? :D :D :D".